WHEN: Nov. 3-7, 2019

WHERE: Puerto Rico


We are so excited to announce this years event in Puerto Rico! We have found the most amazing spot right in Isabela, Puerto Rico. Right on the beach with a whole bunch of villas we will be staying in. This spot is amazing! From beach photo shoots to awesome dinners on the patio. This will be the perfect slice of heaven. And the good news — no need for a passport!

We call this an UNworkshop. The reason being is because we took everything we loved about workshops (the community, the fun, and the education) and changed everything we didn’t like (the large boring classrooms, the power points, the educators that put themselves above the students). Photographers are visual learners — we like hands on learning. We like small groups where we can ask specific questions without being judged. We LOVE educators that care about the students and honestly want to see them succeed. We don’t even call them educators – we call them Mentors. The definition of mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. These are whom we choose to teach. Our mentors are all people that will support and cheer on the attendees. And lastly, the price of our UNworkshop is all inclusive, it covers housing, food, alcohol EVERYTHING. You get to the location and you don’t have to worry about anything else!

Have any questions or suggestions? Just ask.

This Rad video was made by Garden House Films