Be The Reason
Somebody Smiles Today!
(Photo Education & Kindness)


We have added something amazing this year and are so excited to share it with you. One thing that has always been very important with The Photo Rehab is BE NICE! BE KIND! AND HELP OTHERS! We have always tried our best to follow this in everything.. so… this year we are going to Guatemala on a humanitarian non-profit trip. We will be delivering shoes to Guatemalan children trying to make a positive change. Yes, we will also be taking photos and learning. We believe that you can be an artist and a good person at the same time.
We have teamed up with an amazing non-profit organization called Soles 4 Souls and will be donating our time and talents joining them on a humanitarian trip.


The Photo Rehab was created because not everybody learns the same way. And we are sick and tired of the traditional learning environment, with boring classrooms and endless power point presentations. We find inspiration doing the actual work, hands-on, on location, shooting real people and real landscapes in real time with other photographers. We want to be with other people that think like us,  that want to lift each other up, because collaboration promotes not just inspiration, but community and belonging. Each year, we choose a different location – the world has so much more to offer than just the Pacific Northwest. We scour the country to find the most bad ass successful photographers that know the area and beg them to give us hands-on learning that you can’t experience anywhere else.

We will be covering a lot of information that all of us need:
Styled shoots that will blow your mind… business conversations that will make you question everything you do…
and spending a week bonding with people that just get YOU.


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