The Photo Rehab

The “Un”Workshop


Every year we ask the attendees how we can get better… and this year it was overwhelming BUSINESS… AND BE SPECIFIC! We have all been to the photography “workshops” that teach things like… “shoot what you love” and “charge what you’re worth” and “if you hustle hard enough… you will make it” BLAHHHHH… BORING… and its not helpful because guess what? Listening to cliches and cool ambiguous feel good phrases doesn’t tell us what we NEED TO DO! And it definitely doesn’t magically make our business better.

Guess what does? LEARNING SPECIFIC SKILLS! BEING SPECIFIC… and learning things you can take home and start doing!

And this year it got even better!

All classes are changed from learning a specific skill… we now do profession learning. Where the whole day is about a topic from start to finish. How you can use it in your own business– SPECIFICALLY. What you do before the shoot; how you plan your shoot, what you do with the image, how they will help you find more clients and most importantly HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY? The whole day is focused on ONE topic. And you get to ask questions that are specific to YOU and YOUR business. Nothing ambiguous. The mentors will open a laptop and help you make direct changes to your business in real-time if that is what you need.

This is what we call PROGRESSION LEARNING.

So check in. It’s time.

When – January 9-13, 2022

Where – Joshua Tree

Cost – $2200. Includes – Everything. (Food, fun, lodging, transport, friends, learning, styled shoots, prizes and anything else you can think of. Flight not Included.)