Answers to your Questions

What is The Photo Rehab?

It’s a photographer learning experience geared to those type of people that don’t want to sit in a classroom and take notes. It’s much more hands-on and specific to what each attendee might need. We understand that everybody learns in their own way and it’s our version of trying to combat that. Its bad assery, shenanigans and learning all rolled up into a little ball and stuck in a carefully chosen location.

Where is Photo Rehab?

Each year it will be held in a new place. There is SO much awesome out there and we couldn’t choose just one location. So… we chose ALL of them. This year it is Joshua Tree, CA.

How much does it cost and what is included?

The Photo Rehab is $2200 which includes:

  • Travel to and from the airport (during specific times)
  • Accommodations for four nights of lodging.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner (plus snacks)
  • Whiskey, whiskey, and more whiskey (There will be a full bar and bartender along with lots of adult beverages for FREE)
  • So many styled shoots, classes, Q&A round tables, and enough learning to make your head spin.

But we want to reiterate… there is so much more. We will also have a goodie bag with tons of gifts from our amazing sponsors. And over $10k of giveaways throughout the week. Plus you will make more friends than you know what to do with!

Where are the sleeping accommodations?

Each year it changes… feel free to email us for more specifics. This year we will be staying in a mother effing mansion. With a sweet pool and hot tub. They will be shared rooms but don’t worry you won’t have to share a bed with a stranger.

Do you have to be a professional photographer to attend?

Absolutely not! We have several classes for all that will range from very specific topics to general sessions. Each of the classes are designed to flow with what the group needs/wants to learn. Feel free to ask questions and the mentor will stop and help you with whatever questions you might have. There is always something to learn for everybody at every skill level. This is the whole idea behind The Photo Rehab. We are all going to learn together. Everybody has valuable experiences that they have to share with others.

Will I even get time to shoot during the styled shoots?

YES! Definitely YES! Again feedback that we have heard from SOOOO many people is all of the styled shoots from previous workshops they have attended were crowded and busy. We specifically organized everything to have smaller groups and individual shooting time for everyone. None of the group sessions will have more than 15 people per shoot, and most of them will have multiple models that you can individually work with and interact.

What should I bring?

Do we even need to say camera? Clothes? A sense of fun and adventure? But seriously, we will have time for hiking and relaxing. The location will have kickball, volleyball and other outdoor activities available also. Bring some comfortable shoes for hiking. We will be near the beach, so definitely a bathing suit and some flip flops.

How do I cancel?

Unfortunately this is non-refundable deposit. We are saving your spot and ordering t-shirts etc etc. Just like a wedding we must do the deposits as such. We do have good news for you. We are sad if you won’t be able to make it, but you can sell your seat to another person. We totally allow it to be transferable and we will help you find someone also. Typically we have had a waiting list and haven’t had anybody have trouble finding someone to take their spot.

What if I am gluten intolerant? Vegetarian?

Fear not… we are having all the meals catered and cooked by amazing chefs. Who are very knowledgeable and capable of handling any dietary restrictions you might have.

I’m not a big drinker, is this workshop for me?

Yes, the name of the workshop is Rehab but it more implies a break and Rehab from work and real life – get away, relax, learn and reset. Yes we do have a bar on location and a bar tended. But it is not free pour, this is not a frat party, it is regulated by a licensed bartender and he will be making you “fancy” cocktails. Again, this isn’t a drink fest 2018, this is a learning experience that we want you to relax. So if you want a drink, its there; if not, it will not hinder your experience at all.

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